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If you designed a custom master page for your SharePoint 2016 and the ribbon is in your way, SharePoint has a built-in control that lets you hide it from  anonymous users  in few easy steps. Open and check-out your master page, find where your ribbon control starts or look for

wrap your publishing ribbon control in SPSecurityTrimmedControl

Don’t forget to set the correct permissions in the Permissions attribute. Here are few of the choices SPSecurityTrimmedControl allows: Read more

I have completed a Single-Server installation of SharePoint Server 2016 with Database server on a separate machine in the domain. I am sharing the installation details here which can be helpful for many who are new to SharePoint. The installation is similar to the older versions of SharePoint except MinRoleTopolgy which is introduced for the first time in SharePoint 2016. Read more

Retrieve List Items using Portal SiteMap Provider

The Class includes a method called GetCachedListItemsByQuery that retrieves data from a list based on an SPQuery object that is provided as a parameter to the method call.

The method then looks in its cache to see if the items already exist. If they do, the method returns the cached results, and if not, it queries the list , store the results in cache and returns them from the method call.

  Read more

You can use the ListItemCollectionPosition class to implement paging list item retrieval according to the position of items relative to their collection. Use the RowLimit element to specify the number of items to return per page.

The following example loops through all the items in an Announcements list, using the ListItemCollectionPosition property of the CamlQuery class, and the ListItemCollectionPosition property of the ListItemCollection class, to alternately get or set the position of each iteration through a collection, according to five items per page. Read more