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Here is a lightbox developed by SharePoint and Knockout integration.

Final Output

SharePoint Knockout Lightbox
SharePoint Knockout Lightbox

HTML Markup

Gallery View Model

I have used JavaScript modular approach. Here is Gallery View Model JavaScript code snippet

ServerHub Module

I have placed all my server side calls in separate JavaScript file called serverhub.js.   In serverhub.js I am making calls to reterive data from SharePoint and pass this data back to my view model.

This is a basic example of using knockout with SharePoint. Code is self explanatory but if you have any question then please do get in touch. Happy knocking out. Read more

Introduction to Knockout JavaScript

Here is my first post about knockout JS  and there are many more to come in the future. stay tuned

Let’s build a simple address book using knockout JS.

Here is final output we are trying to achieve.

Simple Knockout JS Address Book Example
Simple Knockout JS Address Book Example

I am going to follow Knockout JS revealing modular pattern approach. Personally i like this approach because of maintainability and extensibility features. Specially when you dealing with large single page applications. You can easily separate your view, model and data model part of your project. Read more