Today I wanted to install a SharePoint 2013 on Virtual Machine to try developing some stuff with Visual Studio 2012.

My new Virtual Machine specifications were, 8GB of Ram, Installed Server 2012 R2 datacentre edition, Installed SharePoint prerequisites than started the Server installation.  Five minutes later, I get following error.

Error Message: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 encountered an error during setup

Microsoft Setup Bootstrap Error -SharePoint Installation-1

I forgot to take a Screenshot when the error Happened, so I took one from the internet. Even if in the Screenshot it says “Preview” , I had the problem with the SharePoint Server 2013 Trial version!

The following pop-up also appears:

Microsoft Setup Bootstrap Error -SharePoint Installation-2

Did a quick look up on Google, but the only people who had the problem were with SharePoint 2013 Preview, and most of them said the .iso was corrupted. .I re-checked the prerequisites, I restarted the server and nothing.

After a few Google searches I found the answer on something that wasn’t SharePoint related, but I decided to give it a try.

When I created my virtual machine, I left only 1 Virtual processor by default.  I gave the Virtual Machine two Virtual processors, and then it worked like a charm.

Microsoft Setup Bootstrap Error -SharePoint Installation-3

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