There is a formula that can be used to predict the amount of space required for any given database.

Following is a description of the variables and their respective descriptions:

Variables Descriptions
D The expected number of documents in a content database
S The average size of the documents to be stored
L The number of list items (roughly three times the number of documents
V The number of retained version for a document; the default value is 1 for the document
M The estimated amount of metadata (a constant of 10 KB that can be adjusted if your environment  is more metadata-intensive

An estimate for size of any given content database is the given by this formula

Database size = ((D × V) × S) + (10 KB × (L + (V × D)))

Let’s suppose we have following variables and values

D = 200,000 documents (Calculated by assuming 10,000 users times 20 documents)

S = 250 KB per documents (S) average

L = 600,000 list items

V = 2 (Number of non-current versions)

Database size = ((200,000 × 2) × 250) + (10 KB × (600,000 + (2 × 200,000)))

Total database size  =  110 GB



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